Mission and Purpose

In today's fast-paced society, many families do not take the time to prepare meals, let alone teach their children the basic cooking and baking skills needed to be self reliant adults. According to The American Medical Association, "Many children seldom experience what a true home cooked meal tastes like, much less see what goes into preparing it. Work schedules and child extracurricular programs frequently preclude involving children in food shopping and preparation.” In their research, Leichtenstein and Ludwig state that a family dinner is often the exception rather than the rule. Furthermore, research by Sharon Davis, a Family and Consumer Science teacher and leader at the Home Baking Association shows that home baking has several long term benefits, including: health benefits as children learn portion control and recipe variations, cost effectiveness of home baking versus store bought items, measuring and scaling skills, problem solving skills, kitchen and food handling safety, and teamwork. My Gold Award, The “Knead” for Baking, introduces children ages 8-18 to basic baking techniques with a STEAM aspect in order build skill levels and confidence so that the participants might choose to continue baking and learning on their own or with their families.